A magical combination leading to a green card.

Immigrant who has entered the U.S. lawfully + Marriage to a U.S. citizen = Eligibility for a Green Card!

When a couple gets married and meets the above criteria, the immigrant may be eligible to adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident (i.e. green card holder). Once the forms are filed and the adjustment of status interview before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) is scheduled, it is time for interview preparation. This is an area that Elizabeth Cuenca, P.A. has experience and distinct success in! Clients of the firm walk into their adjustment of status interview calm, cool, collected, and ready. Elizabeth Cuenca, P.A. combines varying types of questioning techniques with a mock-interview to lead clients to success. If you need a Tampa Immigration Lawyer to help you through this process, feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Cuenca, P.A.!