Tips for Clients Required to Report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”)

It is important to understand what officers expect from you when you report to ICE. In general, I recommend the following:

* Always attend! If a client is scheduled for an ICE report appointment and does not attend for whatever reason, ICE can obtain a warrant for the client’s arrest and take the client into custody.

* Arrive early! Sometimes there is a line to enter the office and pass through security. To make sure you enter the building in a timely fashion, it is best to arrive early to account for any delays.

* Bring your paperwork! ICE provides each individual a document to record their attendance and schedule their next appointment. This document is required for entry into the ICE facility.

I frequently attend ICE report appointments with my clients to represent them as their immigration lawyer. If you would like to discuss your upcoming appointment with ICE, please feel free to reach out to me, Elizabeth Cuenca, Tampa Immigration Attorney.